What Do Reading and Flight Have in Common

What Do Reading and Flight Have in Common?

Reading Flight Common

What do reading and flight have in common?  JUST THINK:  without a love of reading, your next flight might have been very delayed!

Family, culture, and reading guide achievement.  On this plaque is the inscription of wise and encouraging words from the father of two young brothers named Orville and Wilbur.  Buckaroo returned to his Ohio roots this past week.  It’s always nice to recharge by going back and visiting the inspiring and formative places where your life journey of self-discovery began.  Buckaroo’s birthplace is also the birthplace of aviation.  Yes, Dayton, Ohio where the famous brothers who ran a bicycle shop, decided to tinker on their free time. Orville and Wilbur dreamed of contributing something really significant to mankind.  Their interest in making things run, and finding out how things ran, led to the first sustained, manned, flight!  Boy, can’t get much more significant.

The brothers had many struggles on their journey.  Many times they wanted to just give up.  But, the brothers supported each other and encouraged each other to keep going.  They learned this perseverance from their father.  Their father was a taskmaster and demanded good character.  The brothers were instilled with motivation that when you started a job you finished it well.  Through their ups and downs, they built confidence and self-esteem, and to not accept defeat.

Reading and discovery go hand in hand.  If you can read, you can achieve anything.  Education is power, and reading is the foundation.  Family and culture play such a guiding role along our life journey of self-discovery. Your dreams can become reality.  You can travel the world.  The future world accomplishments and positive changes, will come from successful readers and those who dare to dream.  Join the journey!

Parents, here are five tips for you to guide your children on their life journey and reading success:

  1. Encourage your child when they try new things.  A voice of confidence gives confidence later. 
  2. Inspire your child to notice the good things in life. 
  3. In moments of complete self-doubt and embarrassment, tell your child how beautiful they are to you.
  4. READ to them!  Start at birth.
  5. Guide their reading success.  Get early help if they struggle to read. Research supports that after third grade a struggling reader will have a very challenging game of catch up.   

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