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What’s the first step on a child’s path to learning to read? Read Aloud Books and parents, reading aloud with their children!

Children love inspirational stories with encouraging words! Teach life lessons! Excite their love of reading!

Buckaroo Buckeye™ ~ A Little Nut with Big Dreams

MRS. C’s award winning read-aloud book to inspire, encourage, and entertain!

It is not your ‘size’ in life that determines success. Today, success is more commonly measured by the size of physical prowess, celebrity, or wealth. Buckaroo Buckeye™ is the inspirational story of a tiny buckeye-nut-seed that follows his dream of finding purpose and worth. He sets off on a life journey of self-discovery to prove the other nuts wrong when they said he was a “worthless nut just like they were.” Hit the trail with Buckaroo as he dodges the bumps and bullies along the way. Be inspired by Buckaroo’s determination.

Mrs. C invites you to also enjoy her three Award Winning Tree in Me sequels to Buckaroo Buckeye™: Book-Eye Buckeye; Bauble-Brite Buckeye; and Yum-Nutty Buckeye. Follow their exciting life journeys of self-discovery!

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