Your Family and Culture

Your Family and Culture: We Are Family!

Your Family and CultureYour Family and Culture:  how much do you know about yours?

One of the most important factors in your child’s life is your family and culture.  Culture matters more than race.  Culture is the set of beliefs, behaviors and value that a country, region or tribe accept as normal.  These values are embedded into your family and how you were raised.  The way you were raised will have a lasting effect on your child, for better or for worse.

For family time take a backpack and turn it into a family collage.

Use photos and pictures to show:

  • members of your family
  • fun things you have done together as a family
  • pictures of your countries of heritage
  • family recipes
  • favorite things to do, hobbies, dreams and goals…
  • awards and accomplishments


Attach some items on the outside of the backpack and put other items inside as an album to share with others.  If you do not have a backpack to use you can copy this backpack outline onto a piece of paper and enlarge it… or make several small copies of this backpack and use each one to represent one of the suggested collage items above.  Then paste all of the backpacks on a large paper or canvas.  Make a family tree of backpacks!

We hope that you enjoyed the blog. Family and culture are extremely important to how we view the world and others around us. We love to see families grow and thrive, and we want to help contribute to that in any way that we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us anytime! Thank you for reading!

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