Online Introductory Course for Parents and Teachers: Nuts About Reading™

This Child’s Reading Success Course is intended for parents, educators, and anyone who desires to increase their skill level in delivering support to a child’s reading success.  The instruction will guide learners effectively through the ‘reading process’ with insight and practical suggestions for guiding a child’s reading development. The journey begins by exploring…
Module 1) the parts of learning to read and
Module 2) learning to comprehend, and culminating with
Module 3) Is there help for the struggling reader and what the consequences can be for a child if they are unable to read at grade level.



    • 33% of American fourth graders read below the ‘basic’ level on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
    • Many students enter kindergarten performing below their peers and remain behind as they move through the grades.
    • Reading is a complex process, and the parts of the reading process must grow to one another and from one another.
    • More than 88 percent of children who have difficulty reading at the end of first grade display similar difficulties at the end of fourth grade.
    • 85%-90% of poor readers can increase reading skills to average reading levels with prevention and early intervention  []

About the Course

Welcome to the Online Introductory Course for Parents and Teachers: Nuts About Reading™. This child’s reading success course of three Modules will offer you the opportunity to reflect on your current knowledge and level of engagement in yours or any child’s reading ability level, to help you determine whether your efforts are meeting the child’s needs. This has never been more relevant, with the transition to ‘remote’ learning that so many parents and children have transitioned into.  It will also enable you to assess, and adjust the team efforts of parents, teachers, curriculum, and benchmarks, in achieving a child’s reading success.

Course Audience

This Course has been designed for not only parents and other caregivers, but also reaches out to parent and family organizations, as well as teachers and teachers to be.  A child’s reading success is a team effort with parents as the captain of the team. There are important roles for everyone on a child’s reading success team.


Learners will engage in 3 Modules with 14 lessons all total.  The Course is less than 2½ hours in total length.  Reading success starts at the beginning with the basics of the reading process.  Over the Course of the 3 Modules the learner will be taken from “where do I begin?” to empowerment and “oh, I can help with that!”

Learning Outcomes

Participants in my Course are invited in.  You no longer need to stand on the outside ‘looking in’…feeling left out on the ways you can help a child on their journey to reading success.  This Course invites you to come aboard and engage with the research, knowledge, and practices that guide classroom reading curriculums today.  It is time to de-mystify and empower yourself in helping a child achieve reading success.


Module 1

In the 9 Lessons of this module you will journey through basic facts on the ‘reading process’ from the role of our brain to overviews of the 4 parts of the reading process to assessing a child’s reading ability level and completing the journey with a reader’s toolkit.

Module 2

In the 4 Lessons of this module you will explore the PRIZE to reading.  Do you know what that is?  If you answered ‘comprehension’ YOU ARE CORRECT!

These Lessons will explore the essentials of comprehension with some helpful TIPS along the way.

Module 3

The 1 Lesson of this module ends my introductory course.

When it is all said and done and you have tried multiple approaches, but your child cannot read at grade level, WHAT DO YOU DO?

In this Lesson you will learn why you have to keep trying!

About the Instructor

Kristin Anderson Cetone is the Director for her online reading assessment and reading tutoring services, Nuts About Reading™.  The goal of her Nuts About Reading™ Course is to prepare and train parent and other community partners to supplement a child’s pathway to reading success.

“Reading success is the foundation to education and our most important vehicle as we travel our life journeys to self-discovery.”

We are not born with a reading ‘gene’.  Reading is a learned skill and starts at birth with read-aloud books to introduce children to the sound of language, the structure of language, and development of vocabulary.  Teaching the ‘process’ of reading begins in Pre-K/Kindergarten, with expected mastery by the end of third grade when the focus transitions from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’.

Kristin subscribes to the use of multi-sensory processes for learning to read.  She strongly advocates for integrating S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) with the development of literacy skills.

“Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists, and Mathematicians cannot comprehend complex texts and create new pathways of thinking and discovery if they can’t read!”

Child's reading success course
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