Reading skills learning brain

Reading Skills and the Learning Brain

brainReading Skills and the Learning Brain.

Reinforce reading skills by exercising your child’s learning brain. Reading skills are important for children to learn and practice. However, reading is not the only skill that is important for children to learn. Exercising your child’s learning brain is also important. This can be done by providing activities that help your child learn and explore new things. Some examples of activities that help exercise a child’s learning brain are: playing puzzles, doing word searches, learning a new language, and playing educational games. By providing your child with activities that help exercise their learning brain, you can help them become a successful reader and learner.

  • Reading Skills Ages 5-7 are built upon a strong foundation
  • All buildings rely upon a strong foundation. So too, does the building of reading success.
  • Every season is rich in visual and sensory input. Take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Reading is visual input strengthened with spatial awareness and attention skills. Try this fun hands-on activity to excite visual motor skills.
  • Draw rows of dots on a paper to form this dot pattern. You can make more dots or more space between the dots.  Younger children will need larger patterns to allow for their motor skills.

reading skills learning brains dot to dot

  • How many of these shapes can you make by connecting some of the dots?

reading skills learning brains shapes

reading skills learning brains dot to dot sw

  • Now use the richness of the season at hand and make up your own shapes! Hint…hint, Spring is around the corner.

 reading skills learning brain dot to dot free


Buckaroo Buckeye urges you to reinforce your child’s reading process with brain development like these activities.  This is a great after school break.  Pair it with a tasty snack.


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