self esteem and family

Self Esteem: Family Life and You

Self esteem and family

Self esteem and family go hand-in-hand.  Today’s family and function is over-flowing with school, work, chores, technology, and more.  All of this is expected on limited time and resources.  SOUND FAMILIAR?

Family life is so important to building our self-esteem, identity, value, and purpose.  It is increasingly more difficult to make quality family time together.  Here is an idea that just might work for YOU!


Make a family talking stick.  Use a dowel rod, ruler, yardstick, or even a sturdy piece of poster board/foam board (found in craft/office supply stores).

Take pictures/photos of family members and attach to the talking stick.  One person’s at a time or all family members, you decide.

Pass the talking stick around to each family member and create a story or caption about the photo(s).

If you want to archive your story telling, have someone be a scribe to write/or type on computer the story that evolves.  OR record a video!—(smart phones are everywhere.)

A VARIATION to the theme on family might be to use photos or pictures of family members doing funny things; pictures of favorite hobbies; special occasions, traditions, culture…you create.

PLEASE REMEMBER!  DO be kind, encouraging, polite, and appropriate—it may end up going viral!

“Discouraging words…discourage DREAMS

Encouraging words…SPROUT DREAMS


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