Reading Skills: Parents Set the Tone!

I don’t know about you, but when I was young, I was read Book after Book after Book! Oh how I loved the sound of turning each crisp page, searching for new characters, new adventures, new lands, new places, new sounds. It was magic. It was wonderful. Good News! Studies show the developmental power of reading, and the positive impact it has on our children’s adjustment and success in life. Reading has been proven to build vocabulary and expand concepts, while providing children with a real life mentorship as well as a means to better understand and see the world. We all know what books do for our children’s development, but we all need help finding the time to read to our little ones.

Reading skills begins at home.  PARENTS!  Weekends and school breaks are a great opportunity for enrichment learning experiences that are fun and meaningful.  Participate in a community service project or visit local museums.  Don’t forget your local libraries and bookstores for story time and meeting authors.  Have a great time!

I hope this article on reading skills has been helpful and will encourage you to encourage your young ones to read! If you are a parent, I hope you will use the advice in here to bolster your kids’ ability in reading, starting at home. Remember that it does make sense for your child to be a successful reader. In fact, it can boost his or her success potential in nearly every arena of life. Hopefully, this article on reading skills has given you the drive and knowledge to do so.

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