Read Aloud to children is interactive.

Reading Aloud to Children is Interactive!

Reading aloud to children is interactive!  Parents, Grandparents, Other Family Members, Child Care Providers and Community all play a role in a child’s reading success by reading aloud!

  • Reading success begins at birth and it begins at HOME. Talk, Talk, Talk, to your child to build vocabulary and understanding of how our language sounds and its structure.
  • Reading success begins with parents and others, reading aloud to children.
  • “The more words an 8-month-old hears, the larger their vocabulary will be when they are 3 years old.” 
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  • Children’s books are rich with vocabulary that is not a part of most conversation.
  • The larger the vocabulary development by the time a child enters Kindergarten, research shows this child will have greater reading success.
  • Children’s listening comprehension is higher than their reading comprehension so you can and should read books of appropriate content that are above the child’s reading ability level.
  • Provide young children with the ‘sensory experience’ of reading. Learning to hold a book in the proper reading position, turning the pages, following words from left to right with return sweep, using the pictures to help understand the story and talking with your child about the story are ALL  important skills for reading success.  These are measured as CONCEPTS ABOUT PRINT.
  • A study conducted by pediatricians shows “children with more home-read aloud experiences have greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with mental (concept) imagery and narrative comprehension.” 


SO WHAT IS YOUR TAKE-AWAY?  Reading lasts a lifetime. “Don’t stop reading aloud and talking to children once they enter school. Reading aloud to your children continues to help them develop language and reading skills and provides great opportunities to talk with your child and encourage them to think about the world around them and learn about subjects that might not come up otherwise.” –Diane Adams, Guest Columnist.

There are many books out there that have cute characters, and inspiring, encouraging, messages.


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