5 Ways to Make Reading Fun: Help your Child Learn to Read

Here are some great activities that help your child learn the fun of reading.  They are presented for young children [ages 4-6] but with your creative adjustments, they work for older children also [ages 7-9]

Learn_To_Read1-Have your child design their own bookmark.  Trace around an existing bookmark for a template, go on the internet, or create your own…perhaps an animal shape.

2-Tape record one of your child’s favorite stories so they can play it and follow along in the book as they listen.

3-Find or decorate a special container(s) [baskets, boxes, expandable file folders…] for storing your child’s favorite books.  Use several containers and label by ‘category’ so they can collect and store reading material about their favorite thing(s).

4-Choose a special word from a favorite book of your child’s.  Write a string of random letters which include the ‘special word’ several times in the string.

Say, “I can see the word dad four times in these letters, can YOU?”  [For small children write the special word on a card so they can see it to match it in the random string.]



5-At the restaurant or supermarket, identify a letter and have your child see how many words they can find that begin with that letter.  For variation, look for last letters or middle letters or word endings.

These are a few fun ideas for you and your child on their journey to learn to read.

Resource:   http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Fundamentals-3-6-Starting-School/dp/0806975237

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