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Learning to Read Games: Practice in Decoding and Sight Word Mastery

Learning to Read Games: Practice in Decoding and Sight Word Mastery

When children are learning to read, it is essential that they have ample opportunity to practice decoding words and phrases. One way to provide this practice is through the use of games. Games can be an enjoyable way for children to learn while also providing the repetition and practice they need to become proficient readers. In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite games for helping children learn to decode words and master sight words.

3 decoding activities to help your child at home:

  1. Read aloud together

Reading aloud with your child is one of the best ways to help them develop decoding skills. Not only does it provide them with exposure to a variety of words, but it also gives them the opportunity to practice sounding out and blending words. Try to find books that are at your child’s level or slightly below so that they can practice decoding without feeling frustrated.

  1. Play word games

Word games are a great way to help your child practice decoding while also having fun. There are a variety of online and offline word games that you can play together. These games can help your child learn new words and reinforce the ones they already know.

  1. Practice sight words

Sight words are words that can’t be sounded out and must be learned by sight. Learning sight words can be a challenge for some children, but it’s an important skill for them to develop. There are a variety of ways you can help your child learn sight words, such as flashcards, games, and apps.

  1. Use technology: it’s here to stay!

There are a variety of technological tools that can help your child with their decoding skills. There are apps specifically designed to teach children how to decode words. In addition, many online games and websites incorporate decoding skills into their gameplay. Utilizing technology as a supplementary  tool is a great way to keep your child engaged while they’re learning.  One of my favorite online sites for supplemental practice is https://www.ixl.com/.  There are many online activities to practice phonics/decoding and sight words AND the activities are aligned with all grade levels!  It’s worth the subscription price.

  1. Get a tutor

If your child is struggling with decoding, you may want to consider getting them a tutor. A tutor can provide one-on-one help and customized instruction based on your child’s needs.

Games provide a fun, interactive way to practice decoding and sight word mastery while promoting reading fluency. Children who play these games will have the opportunity to improve their reading skills while simultaneously increasing their vocabulary. In addition, learning to read games offer a great way to reinforce the concepts that children have already learned in school. Games can also be used as a tool to teach new concepts to children who are struggling in school.

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