How is Education Going to Change with the New Push Towards Distance Learning

How is Education Going to Change with the New Push Towards Distance Learning?

How is Education Going to Change with the New Push Towards Distance Learning?

I am optimistic that distance learning will expand the learning scope, and journey. Classroom teachers are hindered by ‘time’. The average amount of direct instruction in schools today is five and a half hours per day. The curriculum has been greatly expanded. More content is being squeezed into the same amount of time. It is like trying to get a figure of 200 pounds to fit into a size 4 pair of jeans! Ladies, you know…it just will not work, right?

We need to revise ‘size’ configuration of our education system. More learning will need to be provided beyond the traditional classroom setting. Distance learning can provide this. We cannot replace schools as the hub for learning, but distance learning can and should supplement the classroom. The determining factor in distance learning success is dependent upon ALL students having access to a computer and the internet, first.

There will always be the necessity for on site classroom instruction. Not everything can be learned via the computer. But, let me take a moment to present a strong desire of mine. As a Reading Specialist, I know how the time constraints of today’s school day can impede a struggling reader. They need extra one on one time to strengthen their reading skills. I, and others, can provide additional face-to-face, one-on-one time from the comfort and safety of the child’s home through online reading tutoring. You can check out my online reading tutoring services for grades 1-3 at Tutoring can be provided in reading, math, and other subjects through distance learning as an addition to classroom learning. There are many retired educators out there with valuable experience they can share. The distance learning platform makes it more convenient for parents. They can either watch the tutoring session or do other things around the house. They do not have to drive their child to another location and sit and wait. They do not have to wonder what is going on in the session and the tutor can communicate directly with them online. Win, win! Parents engaged more in their child’s learning experience is key to their child’s learning success.

Not all children have access to homework help, especially second language learners. Their family members may not speak English and are unable to help their child. It is not that they do not want to help, they are just at a language disadvantage. What is the child supposed to do? Well, distance learning can help with this!

Education is going to change with this new push towards distance learning, the question remains, how is it going to look?  There are so many positive possibilities. I hope this current unforeseen situation of today will act as a positive step forward into the 21st century of education!

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