Are You Game? Reading Game 3

Check out this Reading Game to help your child learn to read and strengthen their reading skills!

Reading_GamesGame 3: Museum Walk!  Ages 5 and up.  Language processing for reading skills requires the development of a treasure chest full of vocabulary.  Here’s a fun way to grow your child’s vocabulary.  This is especially valuable to those children whose primary language is not English but they are trying to learn.

Materials needed:    Lego® building blocks and Lincoln logs®; table top or floor; cards with one ‘noun’ vocabulary word written on each card/appropriate to their age level; a bag for the cards

Directions:  Put the vocabulary cards in the bag so your child or children cannot see them.  Tell them they are going to build a ‘representation’ of the word that they draw out of the bag, using the building materials listed above. NOTE: if Legos and Lincoln logs are not available use paper and crayons/markers to draw the representation instead.  They are not to tell what the word is until they are done.  If several members of the family join this fun game, have a ‘museum walk’ when everyone is done where each person tries to guess what the other one built.  For older children, this is a great activity to increase their research skills also by looking in a dictionary, encyclopedia, or online for information about their ‘word’ and share it with others.  Oh, the words we will learn!  Enjoy.

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