Back-to-School and the ‘H’ Word: Homework Tips

Many kids dread going back-to-school because of the looming amounts of homework.  Parents, do you sigh also?

“Schooling should teach kids how to learn, and parents should teach them how to work by establishing work rules and work ethic at home.  Homework provides an opportunity for parents to reinforce and build upon what a child learns from schooling.”—Dr. Mel Levine, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, All Kinds of Minds.

10  Homework Tips:

  1. Set a consistent time each day for doing homework.  During this time limit distractions (i.e. turn off the TV and other family members should be doing quiet work also)
  2. Have your child make a ‘homework checklist’ [see below]
  3. Provide your child a little assistance to start, such as clarifying directions
  4. Limit the materials on hand, (i.e. instead of giving them an entire package of pencils, only give two pencils at a time)
  5. Break large assignments into smaller, or simpler ‘mini-tasks’
  6. Allow your child to take a brief break after completing each mini-task
  7. Before beginning their homework, have your child decide which assignments they can do without assistance and which require adult help
  8. Have your child complete simpler assignments before the more complex tasks
  9. Connect the assignments to ‘real life’ to establish relevancy and interest
  10. If an assignment is given a longer period of time to complete, ask your child to show what they have finished each day or at least show you a plan of what will be done each day

Sample Homework Checklist:

DAY TASK PRIORITY  Help Needed       ? Materials Estimated Time to Complete Set Timer  Placed completed assignment in backpack √
  • Create a template for your child’s use OR
  • Make a reusable template on a white board
  • Extend the template to include daily, and long term projects
  • A posted checklist allows for your child to erase each completed task which provides a visual encouragement and it’s an excellent way for parents to keep track daily at-a-glance, as well.

Resource:  Parent Toolkit/Helpful Tips








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