5 Multi-Sensory Ways to Enjoy Autumn

I love the fall season. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to go back to school. The weather got cooler. The winds were brisk. The skies were brilliant blue on a sunny day. Tree leaves turned vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. The leaves crackled under my feet as I walked, and scattered as I stomped through a pile on the pathway. The hot apple cider tickled our noses with the aroma of spices. The smell of wood burning in the fireplaces drifted through the air around us.

Here are some fun ways to ‘sense’ autumn.

Sight:  Can and goldfish

Take a nature walk and list all the things you see. Then use those words to:

  • Alphabetize
  • Sort by first letter sound
  • Make a word search or word scramble
  • Write a story and try to use every word in your story.

Hearing:  bunnyhears

Tape record the sounds of autumn. Make a guessing game for others when you play back the tape. How many of the sounds can they identify?

Smell:  cowsmells

How many aromas can you smell? Leaves? Flowers? Dirt? Pumpkins? Apples? Cider? Seed pods? See how many you can identify as you take a walk around your neighborhood or woods.

Touch:  touch

Fall is great for tactile experiences. Who doesn’t like a mystery bag or box? Collect several objects of fall (a leaf, a nut, a corn cob…). Don’t let anyone see them. Place one at a time in your mystery bag. Each person reaches into the bag and feels the object and tries to identify it. Be respectful and don’t put harmful objects in the bag and if someone is afraid to reach in the bag, that’s okay too, don’t force them.

Taste:  taste

The best part of any season is tasting the special foods. Halloween candy anyone? Try these two experiments.

  • Try a taste bud tease. Collect a couple of foods each for the tastes of ‘bitter’, ‘sweet’, ‘sour’, and ‘salty.’ Put a blindfold on the taster. Let them taste each of the food items and see if they can categorize the flavor?
  • Now, for a twist. In a second taste test, use another round of foods only this time have the taster pinch off their nose as they taste each food item. How accurate are their guesses now? How important is your sense of smell in identifying taste?

Fall arouses our senses in many ways. Have fun and enjoy. Share any activities YOU might have to ‘tease your senses’ this fall.

Resource: http://kidshealth.org


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